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Canada Trip

October 1st, 2007 at 01:24 pm

We're back!! And I'm not broke!! I'm so happy! My husband, daughter, my brother and I went to Canada this weekend to visit family and we spent under $150.00!! My brother split the gas with us, which totaled maybe $50.00 each. And then we hardly spent anything there because my cousins paid for everything!! I bought lunch there once, a few coffees on the trip to keep myself away through the 9-hr drive (18 hrs total), and that's pretty much it. We had a blast!!!
Now, the next thing I've got to save for is my friend's wedding, which all three of us are in. Yippee!! I have to go buy my daughter's shoes this week--thank God they're from Payless!! But thankfully this month I have 6 HGP parties booked, which will bring in quite a bit of money to use for the wedding and Christmas gifts (want to get those out of the way).
I've also been looking into Preschools for my 3-year old just so I can get a head start on saving for that (only starting her a year from now), but they're so expensive. $140-180/wk!! That's insane!! And that doesn't include lunch!! I don't know...

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