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I'm back

March 15th, 2007 at 05:04 pm

Well, it's been a while since I've posted anything and so much has happened since the last time I've been on. Unfortunately nothing too great, but oh well...that's life sometimes!
It all started off with my daughter and I both getting the stomach bug, then she got an ear infection, and I got a sinus infection, which went away, came back, and brought along with it bronchitis--double whammie this time!! So, between doctors, walk-ins, and prescriptions, I've spent a good chunk of change. When I went to the walk-in I had to refuse the x-rays because I have a $4k/yr deductible, so I'd have to pay for them out of pocket. I learned my lesson--I still have $1600 of medical bills to pay...I wasn't about to tack on more!!
But anyway, I'm back to work and feeling much better (damn cough won't go away though).
Well, before we all got sick, I decided to call one of my credit cards (the one with the highest balance) that I hadn't paid since October 2006. I know...bad, bad, bad...but with the foreclosure of our 3-family and all the stuff that came our way last year, there was no way I could make that payment. Well, they got me on a 5-yr plan where I'll pay $243/month with 6% interest (way better than what it was). Unfortunately, having that extra $243 payment a month leaves us with basically nothing!! I did our budget, which includes all the bills, mortgage, $75/wk for groceries, $120/wk for gas, and $40/wk spending cash. After all is said and done, we have $97 at the end of the month.
So, after that happened, and after reading All Your Worth (great book), I called around for auto and home insurance quotes. And I'm happy. On the home insurance, I'm going to save $100/yr (not much, but it's something), and on auto $80/month (yippee!!!). So that will help quite a bit.
So what does this all mean? I NEED A PART-TIME JOB!!!!! I had a second interview last Saturday at REMAX for a weekend position, but haven't heard back yet. Should I call? Or does it make me sound pushy? Then I had an interview w/Lowe's (which I really want--more hours and time and a half on Sundays), and on Tuesday they said they were going to run a background check--does murder come up on that? lol.....JUST KIDDING!!! So, how long does it usually take to do a background check? Should I call them too? I don't know....I think I'm going to have to start stripping soon!! JUST KIDDING AGAIN!!

Eye openers

March 7th, 2007 at 01:44 pm

For the past week or so, I've been pondering everything!!!! And thanks to Imasaver and I-78's blogs, I've learned a lot to help me on this journey. First, I'm going to be e-mail Imasaver about the surverys she does....$10 here and there helps quite a bit and adds up. I-78 mentioned a book, "All Your Worth"--so instead of buying it, I went to the library this weekend and grabbed it. I'm halfway through already. The book states that a healthy financial balance to life is %50 (of your income) Must-Haves, %30 wants, and 20% savings. The book gives you a few worksheets to calculate what your balance is, and sadly enough, my balance as it stands right now, is 74.5% (ouch), Wants %16, and Savings 9.5%. Obviously, I've got a lot of work to do, and a long way to go, but I have to understand that it can't be done in one day. But I've got to start somewhere. I've got a car loan (which I don't pay interest on, thankfully), that I pay $100/month, and I have a $900 balance. If I get a part-time job, that's getting paid off sooner than 9 months. Today, I'm going to shop around for cheaper car insurance (I paul 277/month for full coverage on two cars). It went up from 187 to 277--no clue why!! And then I'm going to look at a cheaper cell phone plan with the same company since I'm under contract. And of course, homeowner's insurance. So, we'll see what I can figure out.
Also, yesterday, I spent NO MONEY!!!! I put $2.00 in the jar since I didn't buy coffee. My hubby however spent $15.00 ($10 for gas, $2 for coffee, $3 for beer). Not bad for one day!

Long Weekend!!

March 6th, 2007 at 05:19 pm

Well, it's been a few days since I've been able to post anything. My grandfather got transferred to a nursing home for rehab, my daughter and I both got the stomach virus, and most likely my husband will too. So, it's been a crazy weekend.
So, just to update on our recent expenses, etc.
Me: $2.00 coffee
$31.49 Quicken program
$5.12 cigarettes

Hubby $2.00 coffee
$10.00 gas
$6.00 food for John (disabled kid he takes care of)
$3.00 beer


Me: $2.00 coffee
$ .50 newspaper


groceries--46.76 (not bad)

library late fee--10.00
Total: 15.35

3/5/07-NOTHING!!!! SICK AS A DOG!!!

And to my jar--I must say, I'm very happy so far.
Friday, I took my grandmother to the hospital to see my grandfather, and then he was transferred to the nursing home, so I was with her basically all day. She gave me $10.00. That same night, I went to a meeting for a Portuguese dance I am in and was reimbursed all expenses for the clothes and alterations we had to get, which I wasn't expecting seeing as though last year we were not reimbursed. So, I got a total of $162.00 and I'm still waiting for another $65.00 for the alterations, which I hope to get back this weekend. Plus my husband and I had decided that whatever work day we don't buy coffee, we'd put $2.00 in the jar. And, also whatever day I do not have a cigarette (I'm trying to quit), I would also put $2.00 in the jar. I did not buy coffee yesterday and didn't have a cigarette--so that's $4.00.
Starting: $25.00
Adding: $176.00
Ending: $201.00

Oh, and I went on an interview this past Friday and was told I should have an answer by mid week this week--it's for a part-time administrative position for weekends! Wish me luck!!

On my way

March 1st, 2007 at 01:55 pm

Last night my husband and I started our savings jar! I'm so excited he's on board. We started off with $20.00 and by the end of the night we already had $25.00. My grandfather's really sick in the hospital and I went to pick up my grandmother and bring her home. She gave me $5.00, so I put in the jar!
Plus we spent $18.16 last night.
Me: Husband:
coffee--$2.00 coffee--$2.00
dinner--$11.50 beer--$2.66

Much better than the day before!! Tonight I don't expect to spend any money thankfully!!