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It's been a while

May 18th, 2007 at 07:06 pm

I haven't posted an entry in soooooo long....but don't worry, I haven't fallen off the finances wagon!
So much has happened since I last posted an entry. I had to do a little bad thing recently--that was closing my daughter's accounts. She's only three, so as soon as I'm done paying off the credit cards, my main concentration will be to pay her back as if I'm making my credit card payments. But for now, I had to do it to relieve some stress. It had gotten to the point where I couldn't concentrate on anything else accept the bills. So I paid off some of the medical bills and half of others. Right now I only owe about $650 in meds. I'm also caught up on my oil, since I was about 4-5 months behind. And I only owe $400 on my van. The credit cards are still the same, but I've been able to make the monthly payments with no problem. My home equity line is also going down slowly. From each paycheck of mine and my husband's I've been sending $10 extra towards the balance--better than nothing. And I only got a .50 raise in April, but I decided since I was so used to living off of what we were making, I'm direct depositing the $20 into our savings account, so we're starting to build that up a little bit. But the good thing is, last week, I got an unexpected bonus of $2700 from work, so, again, I paid a few more bills, and put $1000 in the savings account. My daughter's b-day is in July and we always throw a big cookout here at home--it's once a year, so I go all out. And whatever's left, the next weekend, we're going to Sesame Street Place in PA as a gift for my daughter. But of course, as soon as I get some money together, something has to happen. The sub floor of my van was apparently rotted and hanging off to once side. So, I had to get that fixed--$658. Then two days later, my hot water heater thingy blew. $350.00. So, the only amount I had to take out of our $1000 that I had put away was the $350 as I had saved $650 from the other part of the bonus that I used to pay some bills. On, not to mention a few weeks ago, the window to my van got shot out by a BB gun at work, so there went another $200, which at that time we had to borrow from my mother in law. Geez...I've decided I'm going to call my priest to have him come and bless our house and our cars.
But on another better note. I've started working for Home & Garden Party part's almost like Princess House, accept the items are cheaper, and you get paid more commission. I make 40% off of what I sell. Well, right now it's just 30% until I sell 1500 in merchandise. I had my first show this past weekend, which was a $558.00 show, so after deducting 15% shipping (which I have to pay), I made $142.00. Not bad for just talking and playing games for about 25 minutes, and then collecting orders and money for another 30 minutes. I really enjoyed it. So far, I have another show next week on May 25th. I can't wait.
So, that's where I stand at this point. Hopefully I'll be able to write more often, but so much has been going on, I'm lucky if I remember to eat.