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Long Weekend!!

March 6th, 2007 at 09:19 am

Well, it's been a few days since I've been able to post anything. My grandfather got transferred to a nursing home for rehab, my daughter and I both got the stomach virus, and most likely my husband will too. So, it's been a crazy weekend.
So, just to update on our recent expenses, etc.
Me: $2.00 coffee
$31.49 Quicken program
$5.12 cigarettes

Hubby $2.00 coffee
$10.00 gas
$6.00 food for John (disabled kid he takes care of)
$3.00 beer


Me: $2.00 coffee
$ .50 newspaper


groceries--46.76 (not bad)

library late fee--10.00
Total: 15.35

3/5/07-NOTHING!!!! SICK AS A DOG!!!

And to my jar--I must say, I'm very happy so far.
Friday, I took my grandmother to the hospital to see my grandfather, and then he was transferred to the nursing home, so I was with her basically all day. She gave me $10.00. That same night, I went to a meeting for a Portuguese dance I am in and was reimbursed all expenses for the clothes and alterations we had to get, which I wasn't expecting seeing as though last year we were not reimbursed. So, I got a total of $162.00 and I'm still waiting for another $65.00 for the alterations, which I hope to get back this weekend. Plus my husband and I had decided that whatever work day we don't buy coffee, we'd put $2.00 in the jar. And, also whatever day I do not have a cigarette (I'm trying to quit), I would also put $2.00 in the jar. I did not buy coffee yesterday and didn't have a cigarette--so that's $4.00.
Starting: $25.00
Adding: $176.00
Ending: $201.00

Oh, and I went on an interview this past Friday and was told I should have an answer by mid week this week--it's for a part-time administrative position for weekends! Wish me luck!!

1 Responses to “Long Weekend!!”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    I wish you luck for both, the job and quitting smoking. I did that and saved the money for a few years (in a jar) It added up quickly.

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