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Husband's on Board

February 28th, 2007 at 01:37 pm

I must say, I am very excited!! Usually I'm the only one who thinks about our finances, where's the money going, who are we paying, who are we not paying, etc. Well, I've been really bored at work today and have been reading other people's blogs, and I was very inspired by one of them that I think will help my husband and I actually put money away, even though my original goal was to pay off debt. But I guess you can do both at the same time.
So, I called my husband because I was absolutely amazed that this particular person was able to save a little over $20k in one year, and she only started off with $20. So, as of tomorrow, my husband and I are going to start our new challenge.
Every time I save at the grocery story, I'm taking that cash and putting it in a jar. Everyday that I don't buy a coffee, I'm putting $2.00 in a jar, every change I find, goes in the jar, any unexpected monies that come are way, in the jar--you get the picture. I doubt we'll reach $20k like that person did, but anything right now is better than what we have. And the more money I save, the more I can pay off--and then start all over again with the saving. It's just a vicious cirle, but I'm really excited about all of this and hope that we can stick to it!

And again, any helpful tips are very greatly appreciated!

P.S.--I've only spent $2.00 on coffee so far today, and my husband $15.01 on gas. I know those totals are going to change by the end of the night because we have to get takeout for dinner, and off course, hubby's beer!! lol

4 Responses to “Husband's on Board”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    Hi, I think I am the person you are talking about. It can be done, although I did not expect to save that much. I pay myself $1 for each mile I walk and each time I did 20 flights of stairs. also, If I stay home and use no gas, I pay myself $1. I save all change and turn it in once a years. I am having a garage sale to make money, plus I sold a few items to friends. I am doing surveys on line and I get $5 and $10 checks all the time.
    I really started watching for coupons this year and I put anything I save with coupons or my store advantage card (Ingles) and it goes into the challenge.
    If my husband does any work outside his job, (repairs or drawing house plans), I save it.
    You make your own rules and anything goes as long as you save it and add it to your $20 challenge.
    I used the money to pay off this land I was making payments on. Now each week , I take the land payment money and put it into my $20 challenge.
    I also budget $160 for electric. If the bill is less, the rest goes to the challenge.(I keep my hot water heater turned off all day except for showers.)
    Lots of people recycle, pick up cans, or sell on e bay.
    I asked a local building supply place for a rebate on my purchases and I received 3 large checks last year.

    Just anything extra that comes your way, save it!! It really works!

  2. sfborges79 Says:

    I want to thank you sooooo much! Your blog complete inspired and motivated my husband and I. We started last night with $20.00 in a jar. My grandfather's in the hospital and I had to go pick up my grandmother and bring her home. She gave me $5.00, so as soon as I got home, I waved it in my husband's face, and went and put in the jar with a big smile on my face! lol...
    And I'm going to do the same thing as you with working out. Each mile I walk on the treadmill, I'm giving myself a dollar also--it'll actually motivate me to go to the gym and get back in shape before we decide to have another baby!!
    What you did last year was amazing and I wish you all the luck for this year also!!

  3. Ima saver Says:

    Thanks, I am off to a good start!!

  4. Broken Arrow Says:

    Glad to hear that the hubby is on board!

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